a letter to teen girls…

Dear friend,

Hey!  How are you?  Like, seriously?  How do you really feel?  Maybe you feel great about yourself, and everything’s peachy. 🙂  But maybe you don’t.  Maybe (possibly) you’re the typical teenage girl who struggles with insecurities.  If this is you, let me first say you are not alone.  We’ve all felt worthless, unvalued, and ugly at some point in time.  We’ve all felt like we’re not pretty enough, not thin enough, like we don’t have the right clothes, the right hair, the right face.  I’ve felt before that no one, much less a guy could ever want me, because I’m just not enough.

It’s a horrible, wretched, aching feeling.  And it’s a lie.

We hear it at night while trying to go to sleep, just a whisper, saying, “So you really think they like you?  You really think you’re good enough for them?”  We think about it, we dwell on it, we allow thoughts of hatred to consume our heart and mind.  And soon we believe it.  We believe that we are worthless, we believe that no one loves us, that no one ever could.

This letter is to encourage you to not think this!  Now I know that I can’t change anything overnight.  No person really can.  But I want to encourage you to be spending time with Jesus, and finding out what He thinks of you, how much He treasures you.  Spend time in His word daily, meditate and memorize it.  Talk to Him, and listen to what He has to say. It can make all the difference in the world, if you just take the time to be with Him.

Don’t place your value in the things of the world.  Don’t place your worth in things like guys, clothes, makeup, body image, and followers on instagram.  It’s just not worth it. Because the things of earth fade away after a while.  Trends come and go, friends drift away, but Jesus is always there.  He is forever our anchor, our hope, our joy. Place your value in Him.

The world says that you are ugly, you aren’t enough, you aren’t wanted, you could never be loved.  But God tells us that we are His masterpiece, we are beautiful, we are desired by Him, we are so unconditionally loved.  Please don’t ever, ever forget that.



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