guest post – Jesus’ transforming grace

I know, I know, I’ve been posting a lot. 😉 But my fabulous friend Cherith posted this on her blog ( a few weeks ago, and I just had to share it!  This is based off a sermon at our church…enjoy!



I go to a non-denominational church and I love it!! I was especially impacted by a message given this Sunday – concerning Grace. It was based off of acts 9:1-25. It is the story of Saul’s conversion: It was that Saul thought that he was fulfilling God’s purpose for him by persecuting the disciples. But God wanted him to see beyond. ∴ through His Grace – transformed Saul. Paul was struck blind after he received Jesus’s Grace. I would think that after you were able to see the truth – you would NOT be struck blind … 🙂 Instead he was struck blind because God wanted to show him how helpless he truly was after he found out that his life wasn’t right.      That is the summary.      It may look like a story but it really is a very important passage of Acts  – the book where God acts everywhere, every time. Pastor Brad specifically said that for him ” Sin had imprisoned me, Grace had liberated me, Yet I still felt shame … Now I understand that I am still in a process by God’s Grace”.  Basically: GOD sees the potential in Everyone  and you just need to allow for God’s Grace to fill you and for his presence to inhabit and transform you. Grace will come to you through the Touch of a person, the Trusting  in God, the Taking of steps, and the Telling of others.

Take away

Then at the end of the service  Pst.Brad asked the question of “If Jesus were to offer you his Grace through a person,  would you receive and take the next steps?”. That is when my mind was blown with the horrible realization of – no, not a realization but uncovering of – the pride in my heart. I honestly thought that WOAH! If that happened to me I would probably think that I didn’t need His Grace because my walk with God was just fine!! Wow I really need to work on my humility (thought I). Just as if by coincidence:) Pst. Brad strongly urged those people to step out of the pew and come down to the front to pray. I didn’t want to but in those next ten seconds I battled with the thought that If I went down it would be an act of humility – outside of my comfort zone and an acknowledgement of my need for my Savior and His transforming Grace. Finally I saw my dad go down and I went – and when the service was over, a weight lifted of my brain and I was relieved and wowed by how sinful I am.

I don’t know what to say – even this I’m scared will get the wrong review – but I hope that this didn’t seem as if I was pridefully speaking of my moments. Nor is it a recommendation of the action that you need to take in you life, but I just wanted to share a moment of my brain strikes. as I write this I am pondering …

I hope though, that this was relatable and that you could think WOW I like GET THAT and TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!!  ♥♥♥ Thank you so much for reading…

Love, Cherith

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