will you answer the call?

Do you feel weak and weary, broken and bound by heavy chains that won’t let go?  Do you feel discouraged, like you just can’t go on, yet desperate for something more? Are you seeking something more than just your average, hum-drum, checking-the-boxes, kind of life? Are you tired of living this way?

Do you desire something more?

Do you yearn for a deepness, a beauty, a purpose to life?  Do you feel called to step out and make a difference in this world, instead of just staying comfortable in the life you live now?

Cause I do.

It’s a longing that tugs at my soul, day and night, and I can’t make it go away.  I believe it is a God-given kind of desire.  I think it’s God himself.  I hope – no, I know – that there is more to life than this.

It’s a longing I can’t contain.

What if we tried, really tried, to shine a radiant light in the darkness?  What would happen if we lived with love instead of hate?  If we kindled faith instead of doubt? What if we chased after God so hard, that the whole world noticed?  What if we lived of life of reckless abandonment?  What if we surrendered all to the one who sacrificed himself for us?

We could change the world around us.

I’m so tired of sitting here, waiting for something to happen.  I want to make something happen!  I have God on my side and nothing can stand in my way.  I want to see a revival in the church, a stirring, an awakening.  I want to see people, world-changers, actually making an impact on the people around them.

What a powerful thing it would be.

In Acts, we see the apostle’s living a life completely devoted to Christ, a life that they would lay down for Him.  They live every day changing their world, by sharing a life-changing message, a message 1/3 of the planet has never even heard.  I want to live that life.  But right now I feel like I’m not.  I feel like I’m failing at it actually.

So how can we live a life of abandonment?

Start right here.  Wherever you live, just start by serving the people who live in your city. Whether it’s showing love and compassion to a homeless man living on the streets, forgiving someone who’s hurt you, starting a discipleship group, or even just giving someone a Gospel tract at the grocery store, let’s serve our community, our city, and maybe even our world.  Let’s get out of our box, out of our comfort zone…

Let’s be lights.

Will you and me live a life of reckless abandon?  A life of purpose?  A life devoted to Jesus?  I believe this is our calling a believers.  I believed we are called to go, and make disciples of all nations.  I believe that we need to wake up, and go!

Will you answer the call?

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