speaking promises

Our world is filled with lies. Everyday, we are bombarded by words of deceit from the enemy. And soon we find ourselves speaking lies too.

In this day and age it is SO important to be filling our minds with truth (the word of God)! Cause if we don’t know the truth, how are we going to be able to combat the lies?

When I was younger I struggled with pretty severe anxiety. I got so worked up about everything. One time, our family was on a camping trip when it started raining. Really, really hard! We ran into our tent, but soon our tent started flooding. The thunder was so loud, and I was sure one of the huge pine trees wouldn’t fall on our tent any minute. I was pretty sure that we’d all either drown in our tent, get crushed by a tree, or get electrocuted by the crackling lightening bolts. I was just sobbing because I was so concerned for our lives. But then I remembered a bible verse we had memorized at church: “When I am afraid I will trust in you.” That one simple verse truly comforted me. I knew that Satan was telling me that I couldn’t trust God, and that God was not watching over us…but He was! He had told me in His word that I couldn’t confidently trust in Him.

This story just shows the power of God’s promises!! It also helps me to realize how important it is to have scripture hidden in our hearts. Scripture is so powerful, and it can change the way we see different situations in an instant.

I hope this has encouraged you too know the truth, so that the truth will set you free!



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