how to grow closer to God in the new year

Wow! Can you believe we’re already more than halfway into January?

I’m so so excited about this new year and all that God is going to do! One of the biggest things God laid on my heart was to just draw closer to Him. Closer than I’ve ever been before. I’m going to share some ways He showed me that can truly help us to grow in our love for Jesus this year!

1. Spend time with Him more. Often I get so lost in the idea of having a “morning quiet time” that I forget to be communing with Jesus at all times. Paul tells us to pray without ceasing. This year I want to be more intentional about talking with Him throughout the day, and making time to just sit with Him. I once heard Sadie Robertson say that she was asked all the time how to make time for God in the business of life. She responded by saying that we shouldn’t be trying to “fit God in somewhere”…we need to be able to invite Him into our busy lives! Whether that’s talking with him in the car on the way to school or work, or chatting with Him at lunch. It may be hard at first, but it is so rewarding when we take the time to sit in His glorious presence!

2. Memorize scripture. Now this is a hard one. Memorizing scripture is the discipline that our brains love to make up excuses for 😉  Whether it’s that our memory is terrible, it takes too long, etc. But God really convicted me this year how important it is to hide His word in my heart! Proverbs 4:23 says, “Gaurd your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” If we’re filling our heart with the beautiful words of Jesus, imagine the good things that will flow from it!

3. Deny yourself daily. This is for sure the hardest one. But in order to truly follow Him, we need to be able to say no to ourselves, and say no to the desires of our flesh. I know for sure that the only way we can do this is through His strength. I would encourage you to lay your weaknesses down at His feet each day, and ask Him to fill you with the strength to live for Him!

That’s all I’ve got! I hope this encouraged you to pursue Jesus more in 2018. He is so worth it…

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